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I grew up in Chicago where I attended film school at Columbia College and studied cinematography and film production. After college I landed a great job working as a camera prep tech at a local rental house where I supported many local production companies cameras for commercials, episodic television and feature films like Color of Money and Ferris Buehller’s day Off. My freelance career began in early 1986 where I worked on a wide range of commercials, documentaries and music videos, and by 1987 I earned my first screen credit on the movie “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”, directed by the legendary John Hughes. Throughout those formative years I realized that while it was important that I mastered how to use camera and lighting equipment in a technical manner, it was equally importantly understanding how to utilize it in a creative way to tell stories and create emotion for the audience.

One of the greatest quotes that has inspired me regarding artistry was from Helen Keller who said, “the only thing worse than being blind, is having sight without vision”. That quote is something that I live by, and one of the three pillars that I built my business on; vision, passion and artistry. I have always had incredible passion for the creative process and the work I do, and over the past three decades I have had the pleasure of working on hundreds of projects including feature films and episodic television, national and regional commercials, stadium concerts, sporting events, documentaries and corporate conferences. In addition to my production experience I am also an educator, where I have taught at universities, conferences and workshops domestically and internationally. In 2018 I developed the masterclass, “Filmmaking for Photographers” to help photographers of all levels learn the proper fundamentals and techniques of filmmaking. Please feel free to click the link below to see all of the projects I have been a part of over my career.

Passion Projects:

Over the past 3 decades I’ve had some amazing opportunities to work with some of the top people in the film & television in Hollywood, and enjoyed learning from them how to develop my own personal style and artistry to help people tell their stories. I’ve also learned the importance of giving back, volunteering my time and becoming a mentor to the next generation. I am always looking for ways to utilize my time and talents to get involved with passion projects, and to serve people and organizations that would not normally have a voice in the world. Some of my most rewarding projects have been supporting members of our military, first responders and non profits organizations.

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