"Filmmaking for Photographers"

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Ever since I picked up my first camera at age 16, I have had a hunger for knowledge and a passion to share it,  and I am excited to bring  my 35 years of experience from feature films, episodic television and commercials to the photography community!  In this hands on workshop,  I will be teaching the basics of how to get started right so you learn to choose and use the proper tools to succeed as a hybrid photographer/filmmaker in todays demanding marketplace. Whether you want to learn how to shoot commercial level video for your clients, short films, documentaries, or feature films, you will learn valuable tips & techniques to shoot engaging and cinematic images.

While there are similarities in photography, there is a vast area of things to be learned to transition to video content & moving images.  Lighting, composition, screen direction, continuity, editing, sound and storytelling...the list goes on and on.  Education is incredibly important and it's always better to learn from an expert.   So do yourself  a favor and make sure you invest your time and resources to learn from someone that has a track record, AND the experience to get you where you need to go!  As a wise man once said, one can never control when an opportunity will come along, but you need to be prepared when it does. 

Be sure to check back for updates on workshops in the Los Angeles and San Diego area, as well as other locations outside of California.  Private workshops and speaking engagements are available, just click the contact me link below.    Keep learning and keep having fun!

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