Artist Statement - Paolo Cascio Photography

 Every artist can probably tell you when they had their "moment" when they fell in love with photography.  Mine came in San Francisco when I was 16 years old after I witnessed a movie being filmed during a family vacation.  Little did I know at that time I would eventually end up behind a camera and working in Hollywood, but I did!  After I learned some basic skills, I started taking pictures at my high school and college newspaper which provided a good foundation in photojournalism where I shot local stories, football games, and concerts.  After film school, I landed my first job in the movie industry where I prepped camera equipment at a rental house and then started a freelance career in 1986 where I worked on dozens of local commercials and documentaries.  

In 1987 I was fortunate enough to start working on feature films with legendary director John Hughes and then a tv series with Oprah, alongside commercials which included all the major Chicago sports teams and the Super Bowl Bears. The Hollywood system I was trained in provided a great foundation for learning how to tell stories and drive emotion for the viewer.  Throughout my journey,  I have had many mentors that helped me learn my craft and develop my artistry. 

My parents raised me in a Christian home where I was taught the importance of respecting others, to have a good work ethic, responsibility,  to follow my dreams and I love that my work is constantly taking me in new directions.  Whether I am shooting commercials, documentaries, products, headshots or events, I throw my heart and soul into everything that I do.  I enjoy traveling to new destinations and exploring new horizons, and I love the creative process, the collaboration with others, and to discover and pursue each and every opportunity that comes my way.  

I feel a strong sense of responsibility to give back whenever I can, so I often dedicate my time serving veterans, non profits and charities.  I hope to have an opportunity to hear from you, to collaborate, and to create something fun and exciting we can be proud of. I sincerely thank you for your time and consideration. 

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